Employment law is the area of the law which focuses on the rights of employees and the liabilities of their employers. In New Hampshire, employment is said to be “at will” which means only that an employer can terminate an employee so long as the employer does not act in an illegal way or with an illegal motivation. There are many cases where an employer’s termination of an employee is illegal and where even an “at will” employee can still hold the employer legally liable for damages.

Mr. Staples provides representation to individuals in the resolution and, when necessary, litigation and trial of employment disputes. He has negotiated executive employment contracts and separation agreements for individuals and he has represented employees in contract disputes. Mr. Staples has litigated and tried complex cases involving claims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination because of gender, race, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation.

Mr. Staples has helped people from many walks of life. The clients represented by Mr. Staples have included, among many others, a store manager, a scientist, a factory worker, a school administrator, the executive director of a non-profit organization, a police officer, a chief operating officer of a manufacturing company, an emergency room physician, an apparel designer, an independent manufacturer’s representative, a nuclear engineer, a geophysicist, a health care executive, a municipal building inspector and a nurse.